Last Man Out

by Gas & the General

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Gas Wylde and friends examine the winds of change in a world that continues to resist at every turn. Recorded with musical accomplices before the fact at his Sydney studio, The House of Flux.

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released July 2, 2011

Gas Wylde [vocals, guitars] , Evan Lee [e-guitars], J.G Hamilton [slide, drum prog] Andrew Yeah [keys and b-vocals on Heartless Country'.]



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Gas & the General Sydney, Australia

Excerpt from music blog review of GWB's ‘Last Man Out’ from the most recent altcountryforum in the Netherlands.

"The great strength of the Gas Wylde Band’s "Last Man Out" is the fact that the politically critical words are supported by patiently crafted musical compositions. A brilliant album from a promising band based on Australian soil. Finger-licking good.”

Johan Schoenmakers
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Track Name: GWB - International Waters
Take me out on international waters
Drop me bobbing somewhere upon the tide,
I walked a 1000 miles through tyranny,
A 1000 more down to the sea
And I wound up findin' no one on my side...
Track Name: GWB - Last Place on Earth
Present day, a mile away
he's in a fetal position, lyin' on the road
Danglin' from a rope he tied for me long ago!
So say my name, where'd your
Last place on Earth go?
Track Name: GWB - Camp X-Ray (Devil's Detail)
Dishonest ape silgned off, didn't care a lot
Not if a single case gets heard
It's been designed, this bottom line
Now tyranny must work...
Track Name: Settlement Song
We failed you, it's true, Mutujulu
By inaction or design
We failed you, yeah me too. Mutujulu,
Should've see the signals on the rise...
Track Name: GWB - This Isn't History
This isn't history when there are people
Still alive to tell the story.
When the scars are raised and the tears are wet
And the nights are full of engine noise and cigarettes
This isn't history...
Track Name: GWB - Mr Nobody
So tell me please what are people for,
Tell me who'll recall the Sherrrif's vicious laws?
In a world full of terrorists why can't he see?
Nobody's ever cornered Mr Nobody...
Track Name: GWB - Out After Curfew
I'm out after curfew
(This time I finally did it)
Track Name: GWB - Heartless Little Country
No one left to preach or scold, no new faces in the fold
We're too bust keepin' our business locked away
but the robber barons they, they've always got a lot to say
So we line their pockets and do just like we're told
Was man who lived next door, he don't live their anymore
Did a brother good to let him know his place
In a heartless, in a heartless, in a heartless little country...
Track Name: GWB - Sorry
Not in the shadows of our hearts
Not in the corners of our minds
Not in the shallows of our souls
There'd be no room for sorry...