The Christ Virus

from by Gas & the General

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One major epidemic sweeping the globe for which there is no available vaccine or no known cure. Thanks again God.


Listen here,
Well all you madmen out there with your hand on the bomb
Oh I got this little message and it shouldn't take long.
Oh I know what's wrong with you, oh what's really been up
See I found this little thing here in this little cup, (that's right!)
You've been suffering from a bug that's been in your blood
Since the Romans cast lots and sat around in the mud...
It got loose from the cross! Ate 'em all up!
It didn't care too much for too much brotherly love-
The Christ virus... wow...
Oh but now you can't remember quite the last thing you heard
Was the preacher in his pulpit you hung on every word (yeah)
Then you went right out and shot all those little brown kids
You really think old God would approve what you did? {no, no, no)
Oh you really oughta get out more boy!
This world of ours aint yours to destroy
You know those lies, those lies, they won't stack up
When a 100 years from now folks won't care or cuss... [oh that's serious]
See you've got the virus there, it's right in your eye!
And it's forcin' you to sit right down and comply
With all the voices down there screamin' in Hell...
Heard your Mum bought herself an afterlife
You aint doin' so well (he he!)
Oh, the Christ virus came, it picked you up and threw you round
And filled out your name... (the Christ virus)
Oh cos all these years later we're in Heaven together...
And the Lord Satan's wrappin' you
In great strips of black leather (yes he is)
Well I know that personally well I never done much!
Least I never used no invisible man as a crutch,
The Christ virus, oh, Christ! Christ virus, oh oh
The Christ virus, ahhh, Christ virus... you got it right in the iris... ahhhh...

©2016 Anathema Music. All Rights Reserved.


from Gave It Up for Religion, released June 13, 2017
Written by Gas Wylde. All instruments Gas Wylde.



all rights reserved


Gas & the General Sydney, Australia

Excerpt from music blog review of GWB's ‘Last Man Out’ from the most recent altcountryforum in the Netherlands.

"The great strength of the Gas Wylde Band’s "Last Man Out" is the fact that the politically critical words are supported by patiently crafted musical compositions. A brilliant album from a promising band based on Australian soil. Finger-licking good.”

Johan Schoenmakers
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